Learn about This Narcissitic Ghoster Anthony Quinn hill mcfadden

Sells you a Dream but Delivers a NightmareYou may know him by another name such as Mike , Mark, James  Jerald.

I'll tell you m

I fell in love with the Devil

Do you really know what a Narcisisit is ?

Triangulation always with the narc

We have all heard the term Narcissist used. But you really have no clue about who or what they are, until you deal with one.

Find out more

Narcisisstic Terms


narcs are usually very promiscuious. they always have mulitple partners at any given time.

Life with a narc is NOT pretty


This is what life is like when you meet a Narc

Sometimes we all learn the hard way

Anthony goes by multiple aliases


Teaching you about narcissim thru my  own first time experience. Hell it was my first online dating attempt. But I quickly learned that I had met a bad bad man. The same exact man I spent my entire life making sure I avoided.

Oh MY I got caught again on a dating site but Im already seeing 2 women


One of the many ladies I date accidentally caught me online several times. I have to sneak on late at nite after midnite so  hopefully she wont be up and find me online

I had the lady I lived with for 26 yrs take me to the airport to meet this new side piece


I promised this lady I was going to marry her. I met her family, her ex-husband we had sex and I ghosted out She found a Bad Boy Report and thats when all of my troubles started

Learn about what you wish you didnt have to know

the Narc smear campaign

the smear campaign

Bear with me as I build this website.

Learn more about Narcissism

lots of pain, mental fuckery

. I highly recommend taking a crash course in narcissism. There are thousand of videos  on YouTube. I have a folder with  over 800 videos that I personally  watched and learned  from.

 You may already  know that br8ng in a relationship  with a Narcissist  is unlike any other relationship  you have been in. If you were ensnared with the narc, it is important  to learn why, what, where, when. All of those thousands of questions  you may have.

You need to learn that there is NOTHING  you could have done differently. It is NOT your fault.

You could be the most beautiful  sweet woman on earth that poops golden flowers and it wont change a thing with a narc.

It is very important  that you learn about narcissism AND how they operate because "If you were chosen by a narc then chances are you may be ensnared by another narc. You must learn what to watch for and how to check them before you fall for them.

Narcs want to move at the speed of light. The reason being they cant hold their act together  very long and the mask will slip. 

Please start viewing works by HG TUDOR. There may be tines  you get mad when you hear what HG has to say, but it's the Gods Honest  truth. 


D..Connie  Bryant is another good one To start with.

My goal is to expose, educate and enlighten.

The Alias List

the discard

This will be his list of possible aliases 


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